Young Men being and learning together

There are currently no programs being run due to Covid-19 and other demands.
Ian and Heath will be providing and hosting a young men’s program aimed for ages 13-15 years old but if older and the emotional age maybe around this age, then this can be considered. This program is a six weeks program which includes all art and booklet materials as well as afternoon tea. The cost is $200 for each young man but this is negotiable and sponsoring for places are available. The group size would be no more than eight young men per group and the group would be held every school term (4 terms).

The aim that Ian and Heath are trying to achieve in this young men’s group is to allow the young men to navigate how they wish to be as young men and in developing healthier relationships with others. We would assist in building on preferred ways of relating to themselves, each other’s peer’s, family and potential partners.

We want to promote alternative ways of being a man outside the dominant western culture of masculinity, challenging the need for competition, having to be in control and developing a better understanding of how our emotions can assist us in being better thoughtful and respectful men.

This is a co-facilitated role, with the role being Heath a 19-year-old “Big Brother” and Ian a 65-year-old being “pop.” With this dynamic, we aim to provide a mentor role taking on an educational, therapeutic group work approach. We see this program as an early intervention prevention program based on building healthier social supports and non-violent relationships, in the hopeful prevention of domestic and family violence.


Using narrative therapy techniques and ideas the themes we will be discussing and deconstructing are; 

Knowing emotional safety and seeing kindness and gentleness as strengths, as well as creating empowering relationships.

Imagining the future, how might these young men want to be seen as a partner, potential father themselves, and recognizing what a partner and children need in an emotionally available young man.

At 13, 14 and 15 years old, what emotional guidance, understanding and support would young men like to have?

At these ages, what things might a young man need from an elder role model and in what areas/ issues impacting his life, might he like assistance in?

What do young men need now for them to grow to be the young men and mature men they would/ might like to be?

What might your older or younger siblings like from you in encouraging better relations between you?

Strategies in how to be safe in relationships; physically, emotionally, sexually and socially.

Unpacking fear and homophobia, so what if he’s gay or Bi! He’s still a man. Men can present in a variety of ways.

We aim to facilitate these conversations with young men within a safe, trusting and relational context.

Both Heath and Ian hold the belief that young men have the ability to actively create their preferred ways of being a man.